Monday, May 14, 2012

12 Key Questions To Ask A CVB When Considering A Meeting Destination

So you've been shopping for destinations to host your meeting and have finally narrowed your selections down to a definitive group of cities with just the right amount of hotel rooms, meeting spaces and great things for your attendees to see and do. But now comes the hard part -choosing just one!
That's when it's time to dig deeper by asking Convention and Visitors Bureaus more targeted questions. This will help you whittle down your choices even more and get you further on track for selecting that perfect city. Here are some key questions to ask a CVB when considering a destination for your next meeting or event.
What services do you provide? This may seem like a no-brainer but make sure you ask the CVB about the menu of services available to you, your attendees and your exhibitors, as most of them are probably complimentary or extremely low cost. Keep in mind that every CVB will vary in its offerings, as well as whether or not they can offer their services to if you didn't use them to generate your lead.

"That should definitely be one of your considerations when you're looking and comparing destinations," says Tammi Runzler, senior vice president of convention sales and services at Visit Orlando. "You want to see what support and services are in place in the event you do select that city."

What's new in town? A lot of second and third-tier cities have been adding their fair share of new, quality amenities to better compete with first-tier destinations, so if you've never experienced the destination or haven't visited in a while, ask what the city has done to improve its offerings - you might be surprised!

The Business Traveller - Tips for Motels

For the weary business traveller a Motel can be a 'home away from home.' After spending hours on the road and in meetings, a motel provides a place where they can relax and unwind. That is why it is important a Motel provides the service and the small luxuries to make a business guests' stay comfortable and hopefully memorable.
When booking Motel accommodation a discerning business traveller will look for:
  • internet connection
  • work space
  • clean, comfortable and quiet rooms
  • a TV
  • breakfast facilities
  • central location
  • parking
  • corporate rates.
Wireless internet connection is vital for today's business. Most Motels are able to provide this service, some will even provide a set amount of Data for free. Internet access not only enables the business traveller to work, but also gives them the freedom of staying connected to their friends and family in the evenings, when they may need it most.

Common Questions About Courier Jobs

There are some frequently asked questions about typical courier jobs. Here, we've tried to answer a few; remember though that the answers may vary, depending upon your individual state or country.
What's the difference between a courier and a freight company?
That's a good question and sometimes the lines between the two may be a little blurred.
Typically, the former specialize in point-to-point express collection and delivery. By contrast, freight companies may operate collection, consolidation, haulage, unloading and re-distribution services. Of course, some haulage may involve a single full load also going point-to-point and some delivery drivers may transship. It's also often (but not always) the case that the former specialize in smaller parcels taken via van, motorcycle or even bicycle - perhaps with air transport in between. You won't often hear a motorcycle delivery guy describing themselves as freight haulage specialists or a trucker saying that they do courier jobs!
Do you get international couriers?
Yes, absolutely, though that may mean slightly different things depending upon where you are. Some companies may offer international delivery services that involve a fast motorcycle to the airport, airfreight then a fast bike at the other end collecting the parcel for delivery.
Sometimes, if the consignment is of sufficient value to make it cost-effective to do so, it might be accompanied door-to-door all the way - even around the globe. Where companies are near an international border, cross-border door-to-door accompanied courier jobs may be much more commonplace than they are in, say, areas of the central USA.

Busting Some Myths About Courier Jobs

Here are some of top and slightly humorous views and myths that you might come across when talking about courier jobs.
"They won't take anything that's heavy"
That makes them sound lazy and/or rule-bound! In fact, unless they've got bad backs, a good delivery driver will normally try and take whatever you have to move - provided you've booked it appropriately in advance of course. More than one delivery guy has arrived on a motorcycle to pick up that urgent 'package', only to find that it weighs half a ton. The lesson is communication.
"They're always getting lost"
Surprisingly, a typical requirement when applying for average courier jobs is that applicants can read a map or use a SATNAV. As a result, they don't get lost - well, not often anyhow and even if they do, they can usually right themselves before long. What is a little more common is that they have to spend inordinate amounts of time driving around in circles, trying to find delivery addresses that don't actually exist - due to errors on the consignment note.
"You'll never get them to sign for anything"

A Small Town Beginning of an Ancient Trade

As 21st Century living becomes increasingly urbanized, competitive and fast-paced it can be difficult for families to find time to enjoy leisure time together and this makes the annual holiday even more important.

It is a time to relax and recharge, for parents to reconnect with the children, and perhaps to spend time in peaceful, natural surroundings away from the noise and chaos of the urban environment.

Good, healthy food, gentle exercise and perhaps a relaxing spa treatment may also all be on the holiday list and all are available in the best hotels in Manali, a lovely small town in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Legend has it that Manali was the home of Manu, the first king of the earth, who found refuge in the town and made it his home and that it was from Manu that the town derives its name.

How Corporate Incentive Tours Are Influential Motivators For Personnel

Corporate incentive tours are exceptional opportunities to motivate personnel with a tailor made trip that increases their unique experience. Special venues are selected to increase the promotional visibility of product launches, conferences, staff training, seminars and award giving events. It is a fact that the corporate body requires a fresh perspective from time to time and the opportunities to meet at special venues helps to rejuvenate the team.

Various venues are available such as ocean cruises where the team can meet onboard in well appointed conference rooms with audio-visual equipment without additional fees. Privacy and security are easily ensured when the ship casts its lines. Attendees participate in group activities while their world is constantly changing as the ship sails its course.

Only approximately 13% of Americans have ever taken an ocean cruise so that in all likelihood most will be experiencing this type of venue for the first time. To facilitate the planning special professionals are available to design and help guide their clients every step of the way. Transitioning from land to sea will require the expertise of those who understand the special requirements to bring novices to the marine environment.